Roll With It!

Roll With It!

Roll with it! Raise Them Well calming magnesium oil roll-on for kids.

Whereas Dr. Wiggy is the medical guy in our house, I’m the practical counterpart.  One of our biggest goals at Raise Them Well is to make your life easier as a parent.   We’ve been big fans of magnesium oil for a while, but squirmy kids aren’t the easiest for squeezable oil.  It goes everywhere and gets really runny and messy and of course kids love messes.

Enter easy:  Kids love to roll things on themselves.  It’s so easy and they can do it themselves (which of course every toddler and older wants to do).  They will likely need a little help rubbing it in depending on age, but no biggie and so much less messy!

There are lots of forms of magnesium that are great for adults, but often times pose problems for kids.

1.  Pills- Not sure about you but I can barely swallow those suckers myself.  Not suitable for young kids and likely even older ones might have trouble.  Also, these are not as quickly absorbed.

2.  Squirt on Oil– MESS!  I love this stuff for myself, but I still get it everywhere and it stains sheets/clothing so be careful.  It requires a still body to apply and rub in and- well- I don’t know about you but my son is only still when he is already sleeping.

3.  Spray on Oil- Many kids are afraid of sprays and others will only spray when they can do it themselves.  Enter some of the problems from #2 plus the risk of spraying in eyes.

4.  Magnesium Bath Salts–  Not a bad idea for sure, but we don’t always bathe just before bed (who bathes their kids every day anyway?) or just before school.

Raise Them Well Calming Magnesium Oil Roll-on Instructions for Use

Got questions?  Please email us at info@raisethemwell and let us know!

Happy rolling!