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Finding wholesome and safe products that actually work can be challenging. We get it! So we’re sharing a few of our favorite organic, toxic-free, eco-friendly products in every category. We’ve invested significant time and effort in researching and testing to find products that meet our high standards for safe ingredients and performance. We only share the products we use and love.

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Health and Beauty Products

Skincare & Makeup

Our favorite skincare products from Crunchi


We looked for years for a toxic-free makeup that was also high-performance. We finally found Crunchi.

Crunchi products are made with a combination of safe, certified-organic, and EcoCert ingredients. While not heavily regulated, read more on that here, Crunchi has defined toxin-free as a product that does not contain any ingredients known to cause harm or health hazard based on available ingredient data and research. The products are luxurious and also reasonably priced. Our favorites include Crunchi’s night cream, eye cream, foundation, mascara, blush, and makeup brushes.

As an added bonus, new customers who purchase via our affiliate link get $10 off their first order over $50.


Our favorite natural deodorant from Each and Every

Each & Every

Like most personal care products, deodorant needs to be toxin free AND work. Enter Each & Every. We have tried SO many natural deodorants, and most just don’t work very well. Each & Every is great for sensitive skin (no baking soda for breakouts) and truly fights odor. It’s sweatproof and comes in many pleasant scents.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Our favorite organic shampoo and conditioner from Plaine Products

Plaine Products Rosemary Mint Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner

Most shampoos and conditioners are full of toxic chemicals, and those that are free of harmful chemicals usually don’t work well. Enter Plaine Products! Not only is this brand free of chemicals and transparent about its ingredients, but it also WORKS. Better yet, Plaine offers plastic-free packaging and carbon-free shipping. Each time you order, you send back your old bottles to be recycled and used again.

We love the Rosemary Mint Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. It leaves hair clean, healthy, and smelling amazing! Subscription options are available at a discount. PLUS Save 20% using code RTW20 at checkout.

Body Wash

Our favorite clean body wash by Plaine Products

Plaine Products Body Wash

Plaine Products Body Wash is cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, palm oil free, and non-GMO. It comes in three options that are suitable for all skin types. The Citrus Lavendar body wash is their hydrating formula. The Rosemary Mint Vanilla body wash is ideal for clarifying and cooling. The Unscented body wash is best for sensitive skin or those who prefer no fragrance.

Our favorite is the Citrus Lavender Body Wash. It leaves skin soft, smooth, and gently cleansed. We also love their zero-waste, biodegradable packaging that’s reusable and refillable. Choose from a one-time purchase or subscribe and save 10% on every order. PLUS Save 20% using code RTW20 at checkout.

Nutritional Products


Momsanity provides toxin-free, dairy-free, high-quality nutritional products for women and their families. Emily co-founded Momsanity in 2013 with her business partner Debbie to bring women and their families quick, easy, and healthful nutrition that tastes great.  

Mom Fuel Protein Powder

Mom Fuel is a dairy-free protein powder that includes 20 grams of protein (veggie and collagen) per scoop with nothing artificial. We love that Mom Fuel is so versatile! It can be used to make delicious gluten-free breakfasts, snacks, and treats or blended into your favorite smoothie or shake.  Choose the flavors you like best: Natural Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, or Caramel Swirl.

Crave Cocoa Powder Blend

Crave is a delicious natural cocoa blend that satisfies those chocolate cravings and cravings for sweets guilt-free! At just 20 calories per scoop, you can enjoy Crave every day instead of depriving yourself. 

BCAA Powdered Drink Mix

BCAAs drink mix is a healthy way to beat those post-workout and afternoon energy slumps. It’s naturally colored, flavored, and sweetened and comes in four delicious flavors. Choose from Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Lime, Orange Crush, or Fruit Punch for a tasty boost.  

Best of all, Momsanity products are safe and delicious for the whole family!

Handheld Frother with Stand

Momsanity Frother

One of our absolute favorite kitchen tools, the Momsanity Frother, is battery-powered and silently delivers delicate froth in seconds. The one-touch power button makes it easy to blend both hot and cold drinks.  Every morning is a latte morning with this lightweight and portable appliance.  It’s also great for whipping up hot cocoa for our boys on cold days. Simply run under water for an instant clean!

Household Products

Laundry Detergent

Our favorite environmentally-friendly laundry detergent from TrulyFree

Truly Free Laundry Wash

This revolutionary non-toxic laundry formula will astonish you with its stain-fighting powers and beautiful scent from all-natural plant & essential oils.

Your clothing touches your skin all day and your sheets all night, so rest easy knowing that your Laundry Wash gives you the clean you deserve while protecting your family from the harmful toxic chemicals in conventional detergents.

Free from all thickeners, dyes, optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and other chemicals that you & your family want to avoid.

Additionally, Truly Free comes in convenient and environmentally friendly refillable packets after your first jug. Just add the concentrated powder to the jug, fill it with water, and go! Click Here to Get 100 Free Loads!

Dryer Sheets

TrulyFree Dryer Angels - an effective, non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets

Truly Free Dryer Angel

Many know that dryer sheets are full of toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals like fragrance and silicone and even worse ingredients. Dryer balls can be helpful, but often don’t work after repeated use and don’t offer the fresh scent of dryer sheets.

Enter Dryer Angels from Truly Free! Dryer angels are a refillable & non-toxic solution for the softest & freshest laundry without any harmful toxic chemicals, lightly scented using plant-based & essential oils.

Each Dryer Angel is hand-made by women who are rescued from poverty & trafficking. The refill packs are easy to use and last for hundreds of loads.

Dishwasher Soap

Our favorite non-toxic dishwasher soap from TrulyFree

Truly Free Dishwasher Soap

Traditional dishwasher detergents use strong, toxic chemicals to clean dishes and often leave a chemical residue on the dishes and inside your dishwasher.

Truly Free Dishwasher Soap safely cleans dishes and breaks down stains with the cleaning power of natural enzymes that digest organic materials and zero toxic chemicals or residue. It’s free of fragrances but has a pleasant natural scent, so it’s perfect for those who have allergies or prefer to use unscented products.

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Fruit and Veggie Wash

Our favorite non-toxic fruit and veggie wash by TrulyFree

Truly Free Fruit & Veggie Wash

Normally, produce is covered in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides & exposed to other gunk from the farm, packaging and distribution process, and grocery store. Yuck! Even organic produce can become contaminated with these harmful substances during transport and distribution.

And simply rinsing your produce is not sufficient to remove these substances. That’s where Truly Free Fruit & Veggie Wash can help!

Truly Free Fruit & Veggie Wash safely dissolves dirt, grime, waxes, and chemical residue so you can rinse them away - leaving only the healthiest fruits and vegetables with the deepest clean possible. It can even make produce last longer.

Comes with a spray bottle and 2 refills. 

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Clean Living Courses & Programs

Our favorite program to teach kids how to cook healthy meals - Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food

Many parents today value convenience above all else when it comes to food. They compromise on healthy meals to skip the hassle of meal prep so they can have some quality family time before bedtime. 

And the thought of having kids in the kitchen helping with meal prep can make parents feel like pulling out their hair.  But Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship has created a fabulous program to teach kids (and parents) how to cook healthy food while also understanding the demands of modern life and convenience.  Her video course - Kids Cook Real Food - is perfect for parents and kids of all ages and can even be used in the homeschool curriculum!

This video eCourse organizes over 30 basic kitchen skills into logical steps and provides parents with easy strategies to:

You’ll love the help in the kitchen, and with this plan for your cooking lessons, you’ll be able to engage with your kids, enjoy yourself, and watch them blossom.