About Us

Why "Raise Them Well"?
Emily's boys - the reason she and Dr. Wiggy founded Raise Them Well

We created Raise Them Well With YOU in Mind. 
Moms and Dads are so overwhelmed with conflicting messages about which products to use for their families. You juggle so many things and want the best for your family, but there are so many options. You know that ingredients are important but have no idea where to start. You're exhausted by your never ending to-do list and don't have time or energy to invest in figuring out which products are actually clean and safe. You need a trusted resource, a reliable certification, and a company that understands the demands of parenthood plus the need for convenience. 

It started with sunscreen
A few years ago we were tired of researching for hours on end for a natural sunscreen for our baby only to find NO solutions that we loved. Then I decided to make my own sun products and still struggled to find a zinc oxide powder we could trust. There was a LOT we didn't know, but we did have the ability to sift through the information, access and understanding of LOTS of research, a few years of parenting under our belts, and some experience developing products and supplements. 

Raise Them Well Was Born. 

We are a husband and wife team. Wiggy is an MD who spends his days finding the root cause of his patients problems and recommending natural healthy solutions. Emily is a personal trainer and wellness coach who spends her days coaching women about how to be healthier. BUT. We are just like you!

It's all just so overwhelming. We feel the same way! Thanks to input and support from like minded families we now offer four calming magnesium products for babies and kids, prenatal vitamins and Belly Balm for moms-to-be, and Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Vitamin D and K2, Hand Sanitizer and Bug Spray for the Whole Family.

Our product line is growing all the time as we seek to find solutions to your family's needs. You can trust our Toxic-Free Certified products that carry the seal of the Toxic-Free Foundation, a third party non-profit organization, which not only requires the products be toxic-free, but also the manufacturing facility. 

We created Raise Them Well with these goals: 
  1. To create affordable toxic-free products for families. Versatile products that work for the whole family- products that parents, teens, children and babies can all use. 
  2. To eliminate the trade-off parents often face between convenience and quality ingredients  
  3. To help parents solve real problems and challenges with products that work. Have you read all the books but still have sleep issues? Are you tired of inconvenient packaging? Have you wasted money on products that are natural but don't really work? NOT ANY MORE! 
  4. To educate about the dangers of many products and ingredients used in common products without causing everyone to freak out. We like to take a moderate approach to "clean" living. That said- you deserve the facts. There is no all or nothing- instead we want to offer solutions and baby steps. 
  5. To link arms with you in an effort to raise physically and spiritually strong kids. It takes a village. We need to support one another and honor individuality. The "natural living" world is often so polarizing. That doesn't help anyone. Truth is there is often NOT one right answer. 
  6. This is really #1. Our ultimate goal is to point our own kids toward Christ and team up with a generation of like-minded parents. We are sinners saved by grace and fall short of the glory of God every single day. When we can share that grace with our kids and are transparent with our customers about our many imperfections, we allow God to work in and through our lives and our business.  
That's it. We are just like you. 
Raise Them Well Founders - Emily and Wiggy Saunders with their boys
We're tired, we want things to be easier, our time is very limited, yet we want to provide our family with the best products out there. We're doing the research so you don't have to and are committed to delivering our best in every single product. Thanks for supporting us in the journey! 

Dr. Wiggy Saunders, Integrative Medicine Physician

Emily Saunders - Founder of Raise Them Well