The First Trimester

Three corn cobs to represent the three trimesters of pregnancy: we're happy to be in our first trimester with baby #2!

We are so unbelievably excited to share our excitement over Baby Saunders #2.  Thanks so much for all of the kind comments and notes! After struggling through a 2nd trimester miscarriage with a baby that had Trisomy 18 in April, we feel so incredibly blessed to be celebrating again so quickly.  That said- the worry and the sickness both feel a little stronger this go round.  Nevertheless, we are pushing through and depending fully on God’s plans and provision.  He healed our hearts so quickly following our loss- knowing that our baby would have suffered so greatly on Earth but that she is eternally protected and surrounded by His great splendor- and for that we will be forever grateful.

The minute we announced our pregnancy I started receiving messages of congratulations but also questions about how I approach pregnancy.

I will tell you this- I am not an alarmist nor do I play by “rules”.  I’m also not a rebel.  I don’t eat sprouts and lunch meat for every meal nor do I smoke and drink throughout my pregnancy :).  That said- I do hot yoga when I feel up to it, exercise intensely with heavy weights, sprint, and while I’ll be eating really really clean as soon as I feel up to it, right now I’m just surviving.  (More to come to our email subscribers this week!)

That said- there ARE some things that are largely ignored that ARE very important to me during pregnancy and should be to you too.

1.  Drink filtered water:  100% of babies whose umbilical cords were tested at birth contained significant numbers of toxins.  My job for growing a human is to put the cleanest things possible in my body every chance I get.  Our water is FULL of toxins and we can do ourselves and our babies a big favor by making sure to drink filtered water.  Remember, your refrigerator filter is not enough- drink the real stuff.  Need advice on a 5 gallon in home water system?  Email us!

2.  Don’t put junk on your skin:  I’m not eating as great as I would like to because I simply can’t stomach my normal giant plates of meat and veggies all the time, BUT I am putting toxic-free soaps, lotions, creams makeup and shampoo on my skin.  I can control those things pretty easily and especially love those “potions” that I make myself.

3.  Supplement mindfully:  I am taking TONS of magnesium and using magnesium oil at night (better digestion and sleep).  Due to my not so great eating, I am also taking extra probiotics.  I’m also being very careful to remember to take my methyl-folate two times per day as this is the time that baby’s organs are being formed.  Wiggy and I each have a copy of the MTHFR mutation so it’s important to supplement with methyl-folate (not just folic acid).

4.  Exercise When Possible:  If you follow us on Instagram (@raisethemwell) then you likely saw my quote last week about my exercise motto during the first trimester…. “A body in motion stays in motion”.  There are days when I feel super duper sick and tired that I don’t move at all.  That said, most days I do my best to push myself through a low intensity workout.  Incline walking, walk/jogging (which feels like sprints right now), metabolic conditioning full-body workouts, hot yoga, etc.  Every day is different.  Some days a very very slow 1 mile walk with the dog is it.  When I was pregnant with our son I was very hard on myself for not being “hardcore” enough.  I realize now how silly that is.  When we feel absolutely terrible, we should pat ourselves on the back for doing ANYTHING.  Again- just keep moving.

5.  Eat as Well as Possible:  Much like exercise, my eating is kind of all over the place.  My motto:  Eat the healthiest thing that you can stomach at each and every meal.  This go-round I’m able to eat eggs and oats for breakfast daily which is wonderful, but I also eat Moe’s for lunch (yes including chips) at least 5 days per week.  I order a Close Talker no-shell with steak, pintos, a little cheese, fajita veggies, a little sour cream, and pickled jalapenos.  I try to eat just 1/2 of my chips.  Is this perfect?  Heck No.  Is it normal for me?  Absolutely not.  Is it better than eating pizza and fried things from Taco Bell?  Probably!  Normally at dinner time I’m not very hungry.  Some of my recent dinners have included:  a pear and a huge pile of steamed green beans, 3 ears of corn and some soup broth, a huge bowl of watermelon and 5 bites of broccoli, and my favorite- a bowl of buttered rice/quinoa noodles.  Balanced?  Heck No.  I’m in survival mode and doing my best not to eat a bunch of junk.  I do the best I can at each and every meal which sometimes is better than others.