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Why "Raise Them Well"?

Last Summer I was newly pregnant with baby Hutch and we were relaxing in the hammock at the beach house during Adler's nap time. We were dreaming as we often do. We love to dream. Actually Wiggy is the dreamer and I'm the doer. Well. We are both doers, but he dreams bigger and I am more practical.

I was complaining about sunscreen. "Gosh- this natural sunscreen stinks. The stuff I make myself is so much better and it's so easy even for Moms like me who aren't into DIY". I saw his wheels spinning.

We spent the next hour and a half talking about ALL of the potential products we could make. The things Moms complain about and the natural solutions that Wiggy knows WORK because of his clinical experience and research.

We got to work. We started doing some market research both with available products and on our friends. It was super fun. Our excitement grew and as we started thinking about a name we honed in on our purpose.

We created Raise Them Well with these goals:

1. To create affordable toxic-free products for families. Versatile products that work for the whole family- products that Mom, Dad, teen, kid and baby can all use.

2. To eliminate the trade-off parents often face between convenience and quality ingredients

3. To educate about the dangers of many products and ingredients used in common products without causing everyone to freak out. We like to take a moderate approach to "clean" living. That said- you deserve the facts. There is no all or nothing- instead we want to offer solutions and baby steps.

4. To link arms with you in an effort to raise physically and spiritually strong kids. It takes a village. We need to support one another and honor individuality. The "natural living" world is often so polarizing. That doesn't help anyone. Truth is there is often NOT one right answer.

5. This is really #1. Our ultimate goal is to point our own kids toward Christ and team up with a generation of like-minded parents. We are sinners saved by grace and fall short of the glory of God every single day. When we can share that grace with our kids and are transparent with our customers about our many imperfections, we allow God to work in and through our lives and our business.

That's it. We are just like you. We're tired, we want things to be easier, our time is very limited, yet we want to provide our family with the best products out there. We're doing the research so you don't have to and are committed to delivering our best in every single product.  Thanks for supporting us in the journey!  

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