Why Zinc Oxide?

Why Zinc Oxide?

Dr. Wiggy applies Raise Them Well Zinc Oxide natural mineral sunscreen to our kids

Summer is in full swing and it’s sunscreen season!

There is plenty of information out there about the questionable ingredients in most commercial sunscreens.  The picture isn’t pretty.

Some of the potential health risks of chemical sunscreens include:

  • Some chemicals mimic estrogen and potentially increases risk of breast cancer
  • Builds up in tissue and organs (97% of us have these chemicals in our blood)
  • Found in mother’s milk so can also be passed to infants

Knowing our kids' skin is protected with all natural, safe suncreen makes it easy to enjoy a day at the beach.

Zinc Oxide- a mineral that reflects UV rays- has long been a safe alternative to commercial sunscreens.  Remember the old days of life guards with white noses?   That said, there are also many different types of zinc oxide and all products are not equal.

There are two main types of Zinc Oxide:

1.  Nano Zinc Oxide

2.  Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is the only active sunscreen ingredient approved by the FDA for children under 6 months of age.   It provides broad-spectrum protection from UV/UVB rays and remains stable- whereas most chemical sunscreens begin breaking down after an hour.

Most zinc oxide is nano which are smaller particles and found in nearly all of the commercially available “non-toxic” sunscreens.  If you’re using a sunscreen that leaves no white residue then it’s likely nano.  The problem with this type of Zinc Oxide is that some studies and scientists believe that it can be absorbed into the skin and even the blood stream.  The smaller the particle size, the more likely the particles can absorb thorough the skin.  While it’s not proven, I encourage a particle size greater than 300 nm (nanometers) just to be safe.

The other mineral that protects from the sun is Titanium Dioxide.  While it used to be seen as an equal to Zinc Oxide, more recent studies show that when it reacts with sun and heat, it can actually create free radicals that damage DNA and cell membranes.

The Raise Them Well family loves using Kid-Safe Zinc Oxide and hope you will too!

Beach fun with the kids thanks to Kid-Safe Zinc Oxide Powder