General Product FAQs

General Product FAQs - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Raise Them Well Products


Where are your products made?

All of our products are manufactured right here in the U.S., and our Magnesium Bath Bombs are even hand-made in our town of Winston Salem, North Carolina.


Will my products expire?

Each of our products has a unique shelf life. Therefore, please refer to the expiration date (if applicable) stamped on the product package.


How should I store my vitamins and supplements?

Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.


What is the size of your vitamins and supplements?

Each product is a different size.


Are Raise Them Well products 3rd party tested for accuracy and health?

All products made in our manufacturing facilities are 3rd party tested, and we aim to go above and beyond when selecting ingredients to ensure your family has the best.


Are Raise Them Well products cruelty-free?

They absolutely are!


Are your vitamins non-GMO?

All of our products contain non-GMO ingredients.


Are your vitamins and supplements USP certified?

Each of our manufacturers offers different certifications. We work with manufacturers that align with our values and standards.


Are your vitamins and supplements dairy-free and gluten-free?

They are!


Do you have vegan products?

All Raise Them Well products are vegetarian, and while we are not certified vegan, most of our products contain no animal byproducts.


What is the best way to take my vitamins?

We recommend taking vitamins at a consistent time every day, such as with your first meal of the day, so it is easy to remember. And you can choose capsule vitamins (for adults and teens) or chewables (for children or adults who have difficulty swallowing capsules).


Does the FDA regulate dietary supplements?

The FDA offers general standards for supplements, but supplements are not regulated in the same manner as pharmaceuticals.


How do I determine which magnesium product is best for my child?

This is a great question and one that depends on several factors. What is the primary concern you are wanting to address? Is it growing pains, regularity, focus, or frequent waking? And, how old is your child? We created a useful chart that helps you determine the appropriate magnesium product(s) for your child. You can view the chart HERE.


Do your products come with a safety seal that must be removed before use of the product?



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