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Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Drink (Mixed Berry)

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Mag Go is a tasty Magnesium Drink To Help Your Family "Go"
Mixed Berry Flavor
About the product
  • ALL-NATURAL. Uses all-natural ingredients: Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin C, Natural Flavor, and Stevia
  • DEFINITELY WORKS. Too much will cause loose stools so start slow.
  • TASTES GREAT. Your kids will actually enjoy drinking this.
  • CERTIFIED: Made in USA, UL Certified, GMP certified, and FDA registered facility
Mag-Go Kids Magnesium Powder is a Tasty Drink to Help Your Family "Go". Stop using synthetic chemicals for your kids that are having trouble going to the bathroom. Instead choose an all natural option like Mag-Go. Mag-Go is safe, effective, and works. The best thing is it actually tastes great. Give it a try, your kids will love it, and you can love that you are helping them with a natural alternative.

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