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Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide for Constipation (Unflavored)
Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide for Constipation (Unflavored)
Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide for Constipation (Unflavored)
Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide for Constipation (Unflavored)

Mag Go - Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide for Constipation (Unflavored)

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Introducing Mag Go - the Kid-Safe Magnesium Oxide supplement specially formulated to alleviate constipation in children.

Made with high-quality magnesium oxide, Mag Go is a safe and effective solution for parents who want to relieve their child's discomfort. It’s a great way to help the whole family “Go!”

Mag Go is gentle on the stomach and easy to swallow, making it an excellent choice for children who may have trouble taking pills or capsules. Unlike harsh laxatives or stool softeners, the magnesium oxide in Mag Go works naturally with your child's body to promote regular bowel movements.

Our magnesium oxide formula is specifically designed for children and is free from harmful additives and preservatives. Plus, the flavor-free option makes it easy to add to your child’s favorite beverage, which makes taking Mag Go a treat rather than a chore.

At Raise Them Well, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to children's health. That's why our product is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust Mag Go Magnesium Oxide drink mix to provide safe and effective relief for your child's constipation.

Don't let constipation disrupt your child's daily routine. Try Mag Go today and help your child feel their best!


Mix one scoop with 8 oz (or more) of juice. Stir until dissolved. Increase dose as needed to max dose of one scoop per 40 pounds of body weight. Do not use more than 4 scoops at a time regardless of weight. Recommended for kids 4 and up. Best results are achieved with consistent use.



Use of product can result in loose stools. If this or any other side effects occur please stop using product and contact your healthcare provided. Keep out of reach of children. Children under four, pregnant or lactating women, and those with acute or chronic medical conditions, or currently taking medication should consult their physician before use.


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jennifer k.
United States United States

Works as designed!

My toddler daughter has a genetic disorder which causes hypotonia and GI issues, so constipation is a usual occurrence. We give her a scoop of the unflavored Mag-go in the morning with her milk and half a scoop in the afternoon to keep her regular. Love that it is a natural alternative because I was not giving my child Miralax on a daily occurrence (or at all if I could help it). With Mag-go, it is one less thing to worry about and she has no complaints about drinking her milk with Mag-go in it.

Rebecca B.
United States United States

Tasteless is NOT tasteless!!

Very disappointed in this product, my grandson refuses to drink or eat anything with this in it! I bought it because it was supposed to be tasteless HOWEVER, it is NOT tasteless!!! Plus the price is really high for not being what they advertised Very disappointing!! Buyer beware!!

Susan H.
United States United States

It works!

My child has had painful stools and constipation for years, and we were stuck using miralax indefinitely. Switching to a combination of a probiotic and mag-go-kids has been a life changer. Even just using every other day, we saw results within a week and are celebrating no more pain! It mixes well in orange juice and chocolate milk, although it is very cloudy so my kid did not want to try it in just water. Overall, we are very pleased - thank you so much!

Connie V.
United States United States

Great so far…

I just started using the unflavored powder today so I can’t speak to its effectiveness yet. I just wanted to say (no one has mentioned yet) that it turns clear liquids opaque! I wasn’t expecting this, and I would expect some kids may be very turned off by it (hiding in a cup with lid may be best). Still, I’d rather use this than Miralax!!!

Terah C.
United States United States


While I like this product, it hasn’t given the benefits I was hoping for. I have found that in order for it to work, I must discontinue its use for at least a week before resuming again. Even though short term use, it’s still one of the most effective when used more like a laxative instead of a longer term assistance supplement. I will buy more to have on hand for my severely constipated baby.