Are You Going Back To School?

Are You Going Back To School?

Fortunately, my children are going to in person school this year!  Our small private school has created some really astute plans to ensure the safety of our community while putting precautions in place. This Mama is excited, but my kids are even more so.  

Organization and preparation are key for me to keep my sanity so I thought I’d share my favorite tips for getting 4 kids 7 and under out the door by 7:45 each morning.

Banana Protein Muffins Recipe for busy back to school mornings

  • Breakfast:  I always plan breakfast the night before.  I lay out plates (yes paper) and vitamins and Mag Focus and make sure I know what’s going on the plates in the morning.  Enjoy the recipe below for a yummy and fast treat.  I put it together in 5 minutes before tossing in the oven the evening prior.

  • Lunches:  Our school is requiring packed lunches this year and I know we’re not alone.  I always pack lunches the day before and really love these Bentgo Boxes that help me figure out what to put in each slot and are super simple to clean each day too.  I typically pack a meat (turkey, ham, pepperoni), veggies with hummus or ranch (my 4-year-old loves frozen peas?), a fruit, and something crunchy.  Occasionally we do sandwiches on gluten free bread or leftover gluten free pizza as a treat.  I also fill up water bottles and put them in the refrigerator.  Much like other years, I also plan on including our Toxic-Free Hand and Surface Sanitizer.  Simple to use and none of the chemicals.

  • Backpacks:  We have a simple and affordable Drop Zone in our garage where backpacks live similar to this Coat Locker.  All folders come in the house, but the backpacks stay in the garage, so we know where to find them every day.  Once homework is complete, we put the folders back and zip everything up so it’s ready to go the next day.

  • Papers:  So many papers!  Last year I invested in this homework organizer so that things that need my attention can be organized by child.  It’s helped make sure things don’t get lost while keeping papers off my counters.  

  • Clothes:  Everybody lays their clothes out at bedtime so there aren’t any questions in the morning.  Lost shoes are not making us late for school.  Such a simple task, but so worth saving tears and frustration in the morning.

Yes, mornings are still crazy, but these simple tasks have made them so much easier.  When we have a plan and a routine I am so much less stressed and so are my boys. 

I would LOVE to hear your best tips too!


Raise Them Well Co-Founder