Calming The Bedtime Crazies

Calming The Bedtime Crazies

In January and then in July our family grew from 2 to 4 little boys.  It’s fun and wild!  To say that the energy multiplies is an understatement!  I feel like most nights kids are bouncing off the walls, wrestling, sword fighting, or shooting each other with Nerf guns just before bedtime.


I remind myself that they are now in school for a longer day and that they really NEED to get the crazies out at night.  On the other hand, we have to get up earlier and be ready for a longer day, so earlier bedtime and a solid routine is required!  We need winding down to happen FAST.


After 2 boys who were not the best sleepers (such a hard season, but on the other hand their poor sleeping created the idea and need for magnesium products), we are grateful for our little guy who sleeps REALLY well.  That said, teething is real and we love to rub the magnesium serum on his back just before bedtime to help soothe him.  Now that he is over one I’ve begun transitioning to the balm when needed and he loves it!  


The big boys bedtime routine looks like this.  

  • Potty and brush teeth
  • Gather together on our ginormous bean bag that holds all of us
  • Depending on time anyone from 1 to 3 boys gets to pick a book
  • Bible reading and discussion (the discussion part is often quite short- I’m not super Mom)
  • Apply magnesium.  


Our big boys use the Calming Magnesium Roll On which is appropriate for ages 2 and up.  We roll a little on their backs (please never hold the roll-on upside down- you actually need to tilt it up which works great and keeps it from leaking) and then rub it in well. 


We do recommend starting the roll on with bottoms of the feet to make sure your child can get used to the “tingle” or “itch” that the salt in magnesium can cause. 


Our 3-year-old has loved the Magnesium Balm for years now.  It feels like butter and he adores having his back rubbed so it’s really easy to help him calm down as it gently absorbs into his back.  He’s never been a great sleeper, but really loves the calming effect of both the magnesium and the back rub (double win)!  


Is magnesium a magic calming pill?  NOPE.  But it does really help and I am so grateful for the excited messages from exasperated moms who are finally seeing progress with the bedtime routine!


Got questions about our magnesium products?  We hope you’ll email us!  We hope this handy dandy chart below is helpful for choosing the best magnesium for your family as well.


P.S.  Did I mention that Wiggy and I use the roll on at night too?  Sometimes it can be really hard to wind down after a busy day and/or sore muscles are screaming.  Roll it on, rub it in and sleep well.  #momhack