Get Ready for Summer!

Get Ready for Summer!

Get ready for summer with Raise Them Well Certified Toxic-Free Bug Spray

Oh my goodness do I love this WARM weather!

I seriously come alive in the warmer months.  My body feels more limber and full of life and the sunshine improves my mood no matter what. It's glorious.

Here we are in MAY and it's time to get ready for Summer!

There are 3 Raise Them Well products that I make sure to keep in stock for the Summer and quickly become our fastest sellers.

1.  Toxic-Free Bug Spray

  • CERTIFIED TOXICFREE® BUG SPRAY. Free of DEET and Other Toxic Insecticides that may cause organ damage and hormone disruption.
  • SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Since it is free of any harmful chemicals it can be used safely on babies, toddlers, kids, and adults..
  • CONVENIENT 3-PACK. Never leave home without one. Throw one in your purse, diaper bag, and car.
  • SPECIAL INGREDIENT: AMAZONIAN ANDIROBA SEED OIL. Synergistically blended with essential oils for maximal effectiveness.

2. Toxic-Free Hand and Surface Sanitizer - FREE of alcohol and triclosan (both are MAJOR problems and in most sanitizers)

  • CERTIFIED TOXICFREE INGREDIENTS. Purified Water, Stabilized Oxygen, and Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (Coconut Derived)
  • TAKE YOUR 3-PACK ANYWHERE. Throw one in your purse, car, and diaper bag.

3.  Zinc Oxide Powder

Make your own sunscreen in 5 minutes for less than $1.  Really.  I am NOT a great homemaker and NOT a DIY kinda gal BUT I love making my own sunscreen.  I promise it won't overwhelm you and you can make acne cream in 5 seconds that won't dry out your skin and actually WORKS too!

  • Don’t be fooled by cheap Zinc Oxide, they are likely contaminated with lead. We use an independent lab to make sure that our zinc oxide is lead free.
  • Large particle size ensures that it will not be absorbed into the skin and makes it safe for babies and children.
  • Unique grinding process insures consistent mixing and makes it great for homemade sunscreens, acne creams, diaper creams, and more.
  • Cobalt blue jar prolongs shelf life so it can be used for years to come. Free scoop and easy to follow along recipe book based on tablespoons (not ounces) so no crazy calculations required.