Magnesium Balm For Your Littles

Magnesium Balm For Your Littles

Magnesium Balm is safe for use on children ages one and up and those with extra-sensitive skin.

One of the most common requests that we have received from our customers since releasing our best-selling Roll-On Kids Magnesium Oil is for a milder version that can be used on younger children or those with extra-sensitive skin.

Personally, we were DESPERATE to help our younger son to sleep through the night.  We tried EVERYTHING we knew to do, but he was still waking multiple times per night wanting to eat or be comforted.  We were THIS close to hiring a sleep consultant when just before his first birthday our magnesium balm was finally ready to go!  Don't you know that within a few nights that little guy was sleeping soundly ALL NIGHT?

Our Calming Kids Magnesium Balm is our gentlest formula and is safe for children ages one and up.  

  • FORMULATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Our most calming / soothing formula yet.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Contains only six ingredients: magnesium oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender essential oil. No parabens, sulfates, VOCs, or other potential hormone disruptors.
  • USEFUL FOR: sleep, calming, agitation, growing pains, and of course parental sanity 

We cannot WAIT to hear your feedback on our newest product and look forward to offering you EVEN more magnesium products for kids in the near future!

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