Improved Focus, The Natural Approach

Improved Focus, The Natural Approach

In my earlier article, I discussed the rapidly rising prevalence of kids with inattention and hyperactivity, the standard treatments and their associated side effects, and the good news that a new, all-natural product may be able to help.


If you know anything about us at Raise Them Well, you know that we love Magnesium for kids.  This is why we use it in our roll-ons, balm, and drink mixes. Kids that are deficient in magnesium will exhibit symptoms such as: anxiety, trouble sleeping, constipation, fidgeting, and of course trouble concentrating and hyperactivity.  It has also been shown in multiple studies that there is an inverse relationship to a kids cellular magnesium level and their likelihood of having ADHD. In other words, the lower their magnesium level, the more likely they are to be diagnosed with ADHD. 


So, I wanted to find out if there are studies to back up the use of magnesium with inattention and hyperactivity.  Not surprisingly, it is one of the most studied natural treatments for those symptoms. In numerous studies, kids treated with just Magnesium showed a significant decrease in hyperactivity and better ability to focus on tasks.


While exciting benefits were seen with magnesium supplementation on its own, what I discovered with more research, is that there is actually a unique combination that has shown to be even more powerful. 


This powerful combination is magnesium with vitamin B6.  Here are some of the studies that I found about using these two micronutrients together:  


  • Study 1:  In this study 40 children with clinical symptoms of ADHD were followed while taking a Magnesium-Vitamin B6 combination.  Symptoms of ADHD (hyperactivity, hyperemotivity/aggressiveness, lack of attention at school) were scored 0-4 at different times.  In almost all cases of ADHD, the Magnesium-Vitamin B6 combination significantly improved the clinical symptoms of the disease. Notably hyperactivity, hyperemotivity/aggressiveness were reduced and school attention was improved.   


  • Study 2: In this study the researchers also looked at the effects of a Magnesium-Vitamin B6 regimen on the behavior of 52 hyperexcitable children (under 15 years of age).  What they found was that the majority of the children had low RBC Magnesium levels at baseline and while restoring magnesium levels symptoms improved. In all patients, symptoms of hyperexcitability (physical aggressivity, instability, scholar attention, hypertony, spasm, myoclony) were reduced after 1 to 6 months treatment. 


  • Study 3: In another study 31 children from the ages of 6-12 that were diagnosed with attention deficiency and hyperactivity syndrome.  They took a Magnesium-Vitamin B6 combo for 30 days. The researchers reported decreased levels of synkinesis (simultaneous movement) and increased characteristics of attention. 


One of the best things about all of these studies is that there were no reported adverse events.  It doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to have side effects from Magnesium or from Vitamin B6, but overall the safety profile for both are extremely safe. 


This is exactly why as a physician I love natural treatments!  They are very safe and research shows that they are effective.  This is not a “pie in the sky” idea. There are multiple studies that show the combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 will likely help with the symptoms of inattentiveness and hyperactivity.


Now, of note, it is important to understand that natural treatments do not work like medications and are not effective overnight.  The best results seen in the study were with consistent supplementation for at least 2 months but some kids needed up to 6 months of treatment.  Patience is a common requirement for many natural treatments, they do work but sometimes they take more time.


After finding all of these studies that show magnesium with vitamin B6 can be helpful for the aforementioned symptoms, you would think that there would be a plethora of products available, especially since the problem is only getting worse.  However, there are no products on the market that effectively combine Magnesium and B6. 


Until now, parents would have to buy separate magnesium and vitamin B6 capsules and hope that their kids could swallow them or they’d have to open them up and try to mask them in something like applesauce.  Unfortunately, this never really works because vitamin B6 is incredibly bitter. This bitterness is also why making a chewable tablet is so challenging. Good thing we aren’t afraid of a challenge!


Our Raise Them Well Solution: 


Let me introduce you to Mag-Focus. Our newest Raise Them Well magnesium product uses the clinically tested combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 in the same ratio as the studies I’ve referenced above.  Despite the bitterness of vitamin B6, we developed a tasty and easy to chew tablet that is naturally Strawberry flavored and won the approval and endorsement of all of our taste-testers.  It uses only all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.  


Mag Focus is versatile, easy to administer, can be packed in lunch boxes and, since it tastes great, kids love it!


Parents can also easily determine the dose based on age and weight  We recommend Mag Focus for children ages 4 and up (and of course adults can use it too).   Most kids will need just two tablets daily and since there are 90 tablets per container, the bottle should last for about 2 months.


We do recommend using Mag Focus consistently for at least 2 months since the studies show it takes this long to correct a deficiency and where significant improvements are seen.  


For years we have had families asking us for a targeted solution for concentration and hyperactivity and we are hopeful that Mag-Focus will be just that!


We plan on using Mag-Focus for our boys because the side effect profile is very low and the potential benefits are high.  We are hopeful that this will be a game changer for the millions of kids that struggle with concentration and hyperactivity.


You can purchase a bottle of Mag-Focus Chewable Tablets by itself or bundle and save! Get Mag-Focus with our Children's Chewable Multivitamins.


Thanks for your trust in our brand,


Dr. Wiggy