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Ingredients Matter: Hand Sanitizer

There is no shortage of information available on all of the dangers that face our families in today’s world.  It is overwhelming at times and if it makes you want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head, I completely understand.  I admit that I too get overwhelmed and sometimes annoyed by scare tactics.  Fear is never our motivation, rather we seek to educate and provide solutions.

We are busy people that spend the day feeding little humans, and hopefully ourselves, cleaning, changing diapers, running errands, chauffeuring kids to all of their activities, working and trying to mold those little humans into good people.

There is little downtime to research products and ingredients (or reading blog posts so I’ll try to make it quick).  We all want to trust that companies would not make and sell something to us unless it was safe.  Unfortunately, that is just not the case.  As much as it makes sense that products sold in trusted stores are safe, evidence and research doesn’t support it.  

One product that fits in this category is hand sanitizer.  If I had to bet, it’s likely on your “classroom” shopping list and something that our kids will be exposed to multiple times throughout the day.  We don’t think twice about grabbing a big pump bottle of a featured “national brand” and call it a day.  Our intentions are good, but often we are unaware of the harmful nature of most hand sanitizers.  

Are you ready for a few facts about ingredients in 99% of hand sanitizers?

  • Triclosan decreases the levels of several thyroid hormones and triples our risk for thyroid cancer
  • Sanitizers contain 60% - 90% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol which dries out your skin and disrupts oil production
    • Dry skin means cracked skin which also leaves us more susceptible to pathogens
  • Perfumes, parabens and phthalates disrupt hormone production  
  • Sanitizers can increase BPA absorption by as much as 185 times
    • The skin penetrating ingredients, once applied, also carry what you touch through the skin, like BPA found in receipts, boarding passes, containers, eyeglass lenses, sports equipment and cell phones to name a few
  • Many products contain Aminomethyl Propanol which has shown to be an irritant, endocrine disruptor, and having respiratory effects
  • High levels of ethyl alcohol can be hazardous to many populations (including young children)

The school year is fast approaching and hand sanitizer will be readily available everywhere, but ingredients are important.  Our kids will be gobbling down a quick snack in the car between school and afternoon activities and there won’t be a sink in sight.  

What’s the solution?

Raise Them Well Hand Sanitizer is certified ToxicFree® and uses stabilized oxygen, rather than harmful chemicals, to guard against bacteria and viruses without drying out your skin or killing the GOOD bacteria that those little tummies NEED to stay healthy.

It is safe to use on surfaces (and screens) as well. I always spray the shopping cart handle since little mouths seem to gravitate there.  Our Sanitizer arrives in a handy 3- pack, which means you can stash your car, purse, diaper bag, and backpacks.  Recently a customer shared that she tosses one in each lunchbox for convenient use when she can’t be there to remind her son to keep his hands clean (without chemicals).

We know the information can be overwhelming and you just want to trust that a product is safe.  Raise Them Well was created for that very reason, providing you with safe, trustworthy and effective products for you and your family,

Enjoy your Raise Them Well Hand and Surface Sanitizer as we jump back into school and keep those kids healthy and yourself sane!

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