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Toxic-Free Certified- What it Means

NO.The FDA does not certify organic or toxicfree personal care, household cleaner, or cosmetic products.  Actually, the reigns are quite loose when it comes to labeling standards in the US.  That’s the cold hard truth.  Product formulators can write just about anything they want to on their labels and get away with it.

It’s nonsense really, but it’s reality and it means that reading labels or only supporting companies that openly share their product ingredients is more important than ever!

A few examples:


Products labeled “natural” can still be processed with harmful chemicals.


A company can label their product “organic” even if it only contains just one ingredient that is natural and unprocessed.


For a product to certify as “non-toxic” only means that less than 50% of animal test subjects werefatally harmed after being exposed to it.

Doesn’t sound safe to me…. What about certified TOXICFREE?   The TOXICFREE Foundation is a NON-PROFIT organization that has your interests in mind.  Not only do they carefully inspect and test the products they certify, but they ONLY certify products that are produced in facilities that they have stamped with their seal of approval.  This is no small feat my friends!!

What does TOXIC FREE certified mean?


TOXICFREE certified products are guaranteed to be completely free from harmful chemicals.


TOXICFREE certified products contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the earth.


TOXICFREE certified products are manufactured sustainably and are safe for the environment.

We’re REALLY excited that our Raise Them Well ToxicFree Foaming Baby Wash and Shampoo has been Certified TOXICFREE from the foundation!

Interested in learning more about the RED and GREEN ingredient lists from the ToxicFree Foundation?  You can do so HERE.

Here’s to a healthier 2016 for our families!!

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