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Stop the Itch!!

In our last post, Wiggy talked a little bit about why magnesium is so important for stretching skin and preventing/healing stretch marks and the wonderful results we’re seeing with our new Raise Them Well Belly Balm!

From a practical standpoint I am SO VERY excited about this product.  While I loved using a natural brand of cocoa butter when I was pregnant with my first son, it didn’t ever help with the constant itching while my tummy stretched.    When I began itching again with this pregnancy I whined a lot to Wiggy that there had to be a better way!!

We were in the process of developing our Kids Magneisum Oil and I started rolling it on over my natural moisturizer at Wiggy’s suggestion.  Don’t you know that it worked!!!  After about a week of trying it and NOT itching I said “Ok- we’ve got to share this- we need to make a belly balm that is incredibly moisturizing and also has magnesium!!”.  And so the development process began….

In addition to the magnesium oil my stretching skin needed MOISTURE!  Cocoa butter is great, but I felt like I needed to reapply multiple times per day as it was quickly absorbed.  We put our heads together and went to work finding a better solution for moisture.  We combine the powerful healing and moisturizing properties of jojoba oil (healing and moisturizing), aloe vera (soothing), Coconut Oil (God’s fix for everything), Bees Wax (keeps the consistency thick and absorbs very slowly) and lavendar (calming and smells wonderful!) to bring you a solution that not only helps to prevent and heal stretch marks, but also leaves your skin feeling fabulous all day long!

At 36 weeks pregnant my tummy NEVER itches and I’ve yet again avoided stretch marks.  My skin doesn’t look red or splotchy like it did with my first pregnancy.  I’m just so thankful for this product myself and am excited to learn that other Moms to Be are loving it too!!

Whether you use our product or not please read labels VERY CAREFULLY when pregnant (and always).  Almost all marketed “stretch mark creams” are full of harmful toxins.  Even things that seem harmless like “natural body butters” can be full of toxins and fragrances.  You and your baby deserve the best!!!

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