Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy, Teens and Grandparents Oh my!

Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy, Teens and Grandparents Oh my!


Who should take Raise Them Well Prenatal Vitamins?


Is the Raise Them Well Prenatal Vitamin only for pregnant and nursing women?

What a great question! 

The answer is No! Our prenatal vitamin is fantastic for all women and teens, not just pregnant and nursing women for lots of reasons.  

First, let’s look at the subtle differences between a Prenatal Vitamin and a regular Multivitamin.

  1. Specific ingredients:  PNV’s need to have specific ingredients to help with the healthy development of the baby.  The most important nutrient is folate. Having adequate intake of folate (usually in the form of folic acid) helps prevent neural tube defects so it is critically important.  The specific type of folate is vital as well and unfortunately, many of the PNVs and multivitamins on the market use folic acid, NOT methylfolate which is the active form of folate which doesn’t require conversion in order to be used by the body.
  2. Dose:  Multivitamins tend to have different doses of vitamins and minerals compared to PNVs and in most cases multivitamins use much larger doses than compared to PNVs.  We include amounts that are helpful for a growing baby, but not more than most adults need for optimal health.
  3. Add-ons:  Often, multivitamins will include unique or proprietary add-ons like herbal combinations.  While most of the time these do have additional benefits, usually the amounts are so small that they don’t make much of a difference so an additional supplement is likely necessary.

So, who should take our Raise Them Well Prenatal Vitamin?
  • Pregnant Women
  • Women who may become pregnant
  • Breastfeeding Women
  • Women who desire a simple, high quality, easy to digest multi-vitamin
  • Teenagers
  • Grandparents

These are the reasons why our PNV is so good for those demographics

  • Pregnant / May become pregnant / Breastfeeding/Women Who Desire A Simple Vitamin:  I may be biased but I believe that we have created the best prenatal vitamin available.  Here are some of the reasons why: We use methylfolate instead of regular folic acid (30-40% of the population cannot metabolize regular folic acid so we use the natural / active form methylfolate), our PNV has Vitamin K2 instead of K1.  K2 is critically important for bone and teeth development and for maintaining strong bones as we age, our PNV also has glutathione which is our body’s primary detoxification molecule in a world where we are constantly being exposed to more and more toxins. These ingredients are imperative for pregnant and nursing women, and also incredibly important for all women.

  • Teenagers:  Most teenagers need a broad spectrum of vitamins/minerals but probably don’t need the extra strength doses found in most multivitamins.  Most teenagers are still developing physically and mentally so they still need proper nutrition for that. Generally we recommend 1 capsule for ages 13 to 16 and 2 capsules for 17 and up.  Pregnant teens should take 2 capsules.

  • Grandparents:  As we get older most of us lose some of our ability to absorb vitamins and minerals so supplementing with some form of multivitamin is important.  The unique ingredients in our PNV not only help a developing baby but they also help to support an aging brain and body. Ingredients like methylfolate, methylb12, Vitamin K2, and glutathione are all really important for keeping strong bones and nervous systems.

Hopefully this will help you figure out who in your family might benefit from our prenatal vitamin.  Part of our mission at Raise Them Well is to create products for multiple family members. We hope that you’ll have to purchase fewer products and not feel stressed over choosing quality vitamins for your family.

Have more questions about our Prenatal Vitamins? Check out our FAQs here.