RTW Baby Wash: What Makes It Special?

RTW Baby Wash: What Makes It Special?

Raise Them Well Foaming Baby Wash and Shampoo comes in a convenient pump bottle for easy application

When Adler was a newborn baby we tried oodles of products that claimed to be “clean” and “natural” and “organic” etc.  (see this article for more) and were left really frustrated by false claims and articles that we read about company practices.   After much searching and trying we couldn’t find anything that we really loved that was 1. user-friendly 2.  worked well  3.  affordable and 4.  readily available.

So what did we do?  We made our own!!!

Our Foaming Baby Wash and Shampoo is free of detergents and artificial fragrances

Our Raise Them Well Foaming Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is one of my favorite products for SO many reasons:

 1.  Certified TOXIC FREE (see the above article for more).  That means that not only are our ingredients approved by the Toxic Free Foundation, but the facility where it is produced uses NO harmful chemicals or hormone disruptors anywhere.

 2. Contains just FIVE Ingredients:  All of which you will likely recognize and are again 100% Toxic Free

 3.  It Requires NO SUBMERSION:  You know how much babies sometimes love bath time?  And even more so how much Mom or Dad  loves to spend what feels like hours preparing a tiny baby for a bath?   How about that toddler that is just a little dirty, but doesn’t really need a full bath minutes before bedtime?  This product is perfect!  The foam can easily be used and wiped away with a cloth - even on baby hair!!!   It makes a great bath foam too, but aren’t options nice?

4.  It’s Versatile.  Our entire family uses this wash.  It’s fabulous for removing make-up, facial cleansing, body wash for kids and adults of all ages (NONE of us need to be bathing in toxic bath wash), hand sanitizer and much much more.  We would love to hear about your favorite uses!!

 5.  No Burning Eyes:  No Chemicals = No screaming because of burning eyes.  Also see the eye makeup remover note above.

6.  Kids Love It!!  This might be a positive OR negative, but toddlers love this because they can pump it themselves AND it’s foamy and the littler babes love it because it makes foam and foam is fun!!

Want to give it a try on your sweet littles?  Try it out here!!!