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The Mom Side: Droppers

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like the people who created those medicine droppers for children’s medicines and supplements clearly never had kids.  I mean- how am I supposed to hold my baby while I use a glass syringe to suck up liquid and then somehow just squeeze out one drop?  I don’t know about you, but the process is too tedious for my #momlife status.

When we were talking about creating a Vitamin D3 drop for babies, I was super annoyed by the brand I was using.  In addition to adding the D3 drops to his milk I was also adding Vitamin K2 making it a 2 step and often messy process.  I could NEVER get the serving right- I either spilled or squirted way too many drops.

I had a couple of MUSTs for our product.

  1.  It MUST be in an easy to SQUEEZE and easy to CONTROL bottle.
  2. It MUST contain both Vitamin K2 to the D3 rather than just one.  We wanted to make your life easier AND save you money!
  3. In MUST NOT SPILL.  There was this one time… on vacation… when baby Vitamin D drops ended up ALL over my GIANT Thirty-One bag and ALL of the contents Awesome…

After months of testing our Baby Vitamin D3 Drops with K2 in various bottles we finally came to a consensus.  We picked the best bottle that’s easy to store, control, administer one handed, and won’t spill.

Part of our mission at Raise Them Well is to make parenthood just a tad bit easier for your family.

This Mama is happy and I know you will be too!

Try out our drops at

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