What Makes Our Children's Multivitamin Different?

What Makes Our Children's Multivitamin Different?

"Please make a Children's Multi-Vitamin!".  We received this request quite often for YEARS!  Honestly, it had been on the top of my list too.  I hadn't loved any of the choices on the market and for quite a while we just didn't take vitamins because either the ingredients were lacking OR they basically were glorified candy. 

You and I both want high quality natural products that fit into our busy schedules so we got to work!

Great multi for my kids that includes iron and folate instead of folic acid. - Kelly

Why did it take this long?  Great question!

We will never manufacture and sell a product until we are 100% satisfied.  We are very particular about ingredients, packaging, and manufacturer certifications.  We were also starting completely from scratch since there is nothing quite like this on the market.  We also didn't want to create a gummy because vitamins aren't candy so why should our kids think they are?

 What makes it different:

  • Our Children's Multivitamin uses only the highest quality ingredients 
  • Uses the most bio-available forms of vitamins, such as...
    • Vitamin K2 instead of K1 or K3 for teeth and bone development
    • methylfolate instead of folic acid for better absorption- especially for those with the MTHFR mutation
    • methylB12 instead of cyanoB12 for brain and nervous system support- especially for those who struggle with attention and hyperactivity.
  •  All-natural sweeteners such as xylitol and monk fruit without any sugar.

 What's In Other Children's Multi-Vitamins:

  • Sorbitol and Mannitol:  can cause digestive issues
  • Carrageenan:  linked to inflammation and digestive issues
  • Maltodextrin:  highly processed and causes spike in blood sugar
  • Artificial Colors and Flavors:  linked to allergies, hyperactivity, learning impairment, irritability, aggressiveness

My most impossible to please kid even loves these children's chewable vitamins. - Megan E.


Even the best vitamin with all of the right ingredients doesn't do us much good if our kiddos won't take them, so our little taste testers helped us get it right.  They love the strawberry taste and often remind us about taking them!

Have more questions about our Children's Chewable Multivitamin? Check out our FAQs here.