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Raise Them Well

Baby Belly Balm Stretch Mark & Scar Defense Magnesium

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About the Product
  • Contains only natural ingredients so it is safe for mom and baby
  • No parabens, sulfates, VOCs or other potential hormone disruptors
  • Formulated with magnesium oil to support healthy tissue expansion and prevent stretch mark
  • Keeps the skin moisturized all day without feeling greasy
Looking for an all-natural, chemical-free, belly moisturizer that is uniquely formulated to prevent stretch marks?  Then look no further.
There are several problems with most of the belly balm and stretch mark creams available.
  1. They are full of synthetic chemicals like parabens, sulfates and other hormone disruptors. These toxins are particularly damaging to a developing baby.
  2. They do not contain the one key ingredient necessary to prevent stretch marks. Magnesium Oil. We only use all-natural, toxic-free ingredients so our balm is safe for moms and babies. No hormone disruptors here.
Our balm is uniquely formulated to prevent stretch marks. It contains authentic Dead Sea Magnesium Oil infused with Aloe Vera, Jojoba & Coconut oils and enhanced with Lavender essential oil. Magnesium oil is THE necessary ingredient that helps support healthy skin as it stretches. Magnesium Oil, along with the all-natural ingredients, helps to moisturize the skin and relax the soft tissues so stretch marks are minimized or avoided completely. Raise Them Well Baby Belly Balm leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth all day without feeling greasy. We are confident that this is the best Baby Belly Balm for preventing stretch marks.

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