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Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.
Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.

Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.

41 reviews

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Looking for a gentle, yet effective, magnesium oil that is uniquely formulated for kids? Then our magnesium balm is for you.The problem with regular magnesium oils is that they hurt kids sensitive skin. That is why we developed an extra-gentle balm to get rid of the burning and itching.

Contains only six ingredients: magnesium oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender essential oil. No synthetic chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and other hormone disruptors.

Magnesium oil is the necessary ingredient that helps calm kids down and get them to sleep* Our balm leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without feeling greasy.

Apply to soles of feet or between shoulder blades for overall calming and relaxation. Apply to skin where there are muscle aches or joint pains. Apply regularly for best results.

For topical use only. Do not ingest. Avoid direct contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. 


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Kellan V.
United States

Our favorite product!!

We love the Calming Magnesium Oil Balm! My son would wake up with leg aches during the night, so we started using the balm and it completely stopped the leg aches and growing pains. We started with the Raise Them Well magnesium roller at infancy and have been using the balm for almost 3 years now! If anyone else in the family is having trouble sleeping, they use it, too! We love it and recommend it to everyone!

lori H.
United States United States

review for product

this magnesium is helping so much with sleep! i love it

Miriam P.
United States United States

Magnesium Oil Balm

I love this product and have passed it out to several friends. I have long term circulation issues after Covid a year ago and the inflammation settled in my right ankle. I use this product every night when I go to sleep to ease the long term discomfort, keeping me from having to take stronger medicine by mouth. Thanks for all you do and keep raising Us ALL WELL!

Jacqueline W.
United States United States

This is the best magnesium balm

I find that it relaxes me. I have low magnesium and this formula does not burn or itch.

Antoinette T.
United States United States

Wonderful Product!

This product has been a life saver. We have been using it nightly for a couple years. My son has some health conditions that cause him to spasm at night pretty intensely and this is the only form of magnesium that his body reacts positively to. We don’t go anywhere without it!