Hidden Toxics and Easy Swaps

Hidden Toxics and Easy Swaps

We believe that change begins with education.  We also feel that true, long lasting change can't be super difficult for most people, so starting small is a great way to implement a more natural way of living into your daily routine.  Be on the lookout for these toxins and get excited for the easy ways to ditch them. 



This one may sound a bit familiar to you, but unfortunately that doesn't always help us when reading labels since companies are not required to list it in their ingredients.  It you see "fragrance" though, there is a high likelihood that phthalates are present.  Often found in dish soaps and household cleaners, phthalates are hormone disruptors, cause asthma symptoms and have been linked to altered behavior in toddlers... no thanks!



Though many have moved away from this ingredient, it can still be found in many anti-bacterial products".  One study found that triclosan was present in 60% of U.S. streams and rivers and has been disruptive to eco systems as well as promoting drug resistant bacteria.


Perchloroethyiene or "PERC"

Present in carpet and upholstery cleaners as well a spot removers.  PERC is a neurotoxin and carcinogen linked to dizziness and blurred vision.



Many multipurpose, window and kitchen cleaners contain this ingredient that is also a carcinogen and causes nose and throat irritation.  Like some other products, companies are not required to include this ingredient on their labels.  It is often listed under alternative names or not at all.


Quarternary Ammonium Compounds or "QUATS"

Present in many disinfectants and cleaners sporting the "anti-bacterial" label as well as fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  "QUATS" also promote antibiotic resistant bacteria and trigger respiratory issues.


While we know it is impossible to avoid all toxins in the world we live in, but we find that having easy alternatives help us take the plunge.  Our intent is always to inform so we wanted to share with you a few easy swaps to kick these toxins to the curb in 2021.


Wool Dryer Balls:  This is a super easy swap for dryer sheets and you will SAVE money.  Not only can you use them over and over, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.  I especially love doing this with bed linens.


Clean It Well:  Where do I start with the pros for Clean It Well.  I have replaced bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, floor cleaner, glass cleaner with it and I have even used it on clothes, furniture, carpet and car interior as a spot remover.  I clean my jewelry with a small amount and we are always hearing of new ways others are using it.  It's concentrated so you will get at least 16 spray bottle with each concentrated bottle and it smells amazing.


Toxic Free Hand and Surface Sanitizer:  2020 was THE YEAR for sanitizer!!!  Hand washing is not always available so we understand the need for an alternative but we NEED it to be toxic free.  That's why our sanitizer uses stabilized oxygen and it has officially been registered as a disinfectant with the EPA to combat SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, Coroin) for surfaces!!

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