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What Toxins Are Doing To Our Kids

By Wiggy Saunders MD

You may or may not have had this concern.  You may be thinking that this is the new “gluten intolerance”, where everyone is talking about it but you’re really unsure if it is a problem. Let me assure you that gluten sensitivity is a major problem and so is toxic overload and it may be affecting your children.

Let’s first look at some numbers.   


So, if it isn’t clear all of us are constantly exposed to toxins.  Good news is that God gave us an innate ability to clear toxins.  Some of us have a better ability than others.  For example, children with an MTHFR mutation have a significantly impaired ability to detoxify compared to their “wild-type” counterparts.  

It works like this - toxins enter and toxins are cleared. Picture our bodies like sinks.  The toxins enter (from our exposure) through the faucet, they are drained through the drain, but the drain can get overloaded causing build up in the sink.  If the input is higher than the output then toxins will build up and when this process continues long enough they will start to flow over the sink onto the floor.  This, my friends, is toxic overload and typically where most symptoms develop.


    If you are starting to get concerned, we understand.  There is a lot of symptoms that can develop from toxins.  The good news is that there are simple things that you can do to reduce their toxic overload.

    The most important step is to try to figure out if Toxic Overload is a problem for your child.  Honestly, we ALL need to be making changes to our lifestyles to help minimize the toxic load, but for some it's more urgent and important than others.




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