Parenting in the Age of Confusion

Parenting in the Age of Confusion

Sometimes I take a moment to consider the wide variety of opinions floating on any number of topics and my mind swirls.  If there as any one word to define the times we are living in it might be CONFUSING.  Conflicting information is literally everywhere.

When we sit in a place of confusion for long fear enters and we can quickly spiral.  Our family has lived as normally as possible throughout this season and truly not much has changed for my children aside from homeschooling my oldest. To me, it’s incredibly important to maintain normalcy.

In my opinion our kids don’t need more things to worry about.  Yes, they are aware that things are not “normal” and that there is a virus, but our goal is to teach them that the world is always in turmoil and that we only find peace and true comfort in Christ.  Therefore, we aren’t freaking out, but instead we are focused on health and how we can love and serve others during this time.  I refuse to attempt to raise my kids in a protective bubble because it’s not what’s best for them.

We can respect the opinions and choices of those around us while living with our own. Certainly, there are families with vulnerable members who need to make the best choices for them!

In general, our family chooses to focus on facts, not emotions. As a family that focuses on a more natural approach to health and wellness, I continue to be amazed by the narrative that we’re being fed as a society.  We’ve even seen respectable and very smart people being attacked to the point of losing businesses and being shunned by the larger medical community over sharing important information that doesn’t fit the larger narrative.  Using manipulation to silence voices of reason is never a good idea, but it’s happening.

In a nation where freedom is what we stand on and civil liberties are at our core, it’s baffling at how we can so quickly stifle one another.  Let’s commit to digging deeper.  Let’s cancel our cancel culture and instead learn to sit and listen with those whose opinions are different.  Let’s stop watching the headlines and dig deeper for the truth.  Let’s stop spewing on social media and instead invest in real conversations and people.  

Meanwhile, let’s keep loving our families and our friends, taking our high-quality vitamins and eating healthy food.  Who is with me in committing to teaching the next generation to love bigger with fewer words and more ears?  What if our kids learned to ask questions and learn instead of seeking to be right?  What if instead of becoming offended they learned to be curious? Can we please re-introduce the beauty of civil discourse?

We have such an opportunity to Raise them WELL!  Let’s do it!