Becky and Her Tasty Chili Recipe

Becky and Her Tasty Chili Recipe

Becky is all things customer support!  She is answering your questions and so much more!

Becky and her two girls
She has 2 beautiful girls and is truly one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.  She is the one who jumps to help you when you are in a pinch and truly engages with those around her.  Just as lovely as they come and we are so fortunate to have her on our team!

Here's a bit more about her and a tasty recipe!

Becky's Favorite Chili Recipe
1. Favorite product for yourself and why?
I love the Calming Roll-On and use it multiple times a day.  I have a bad back curtesy of my youngest daughter and questionable sleeping & carrying choices I made when she was younger to keep her happy.  The Calming Roll-On is my go-to every morning after I stretch my back out.  I also use it each night before bed to help quiet my body & mind.

2. Your kids favorite product and why?
This is an easy one too – the Children’s Chewable Vitamins.  My youngest especially LOVES them and makes sure to remind me she needs her vitamins if I forget in the morning.  She is also a stinker because sometimes she tries for 2 dosages a day hoping I forgot we had them in the morning.

My daughter with her Raise Them Well Children's Chewable Multivitamin

3. Mom hack
This is less of a hack and more of a change in the way I’m doing things.  I am working very hard to stop multi-tasking which I knows sounds crazy for a mom.  However, what I was finding at the end of last year is I always felt frazzled.  I did some reading and it seems while women do multi-task well, often it is not good for any of us.  So, in this New Year I am trying to FOCUS on the task at hand.  Meaning if I am playing with my kids, I am all in – phone is not by me.  If I’m working, I am not doing anything else during that time.  & this is the kicker for me, if I am doing a household chore, I am doing it until it is complete.  That one was the hardest because I don’t love household chores but what was happening is, they were getting half done, which caused stress and something hanging over my head.  We are new into this, but I am already starting to feel happier with how things are running in our household.

4. Favorite kitchen gadget?
The blender which is an oldie.  I make shakes twice a day that make me happy and feel full.  That is a pretty big win for a mom.

5. What would be your advice for someone who is about to have a baby?
There are so many things and most of them were told to me and I did not listen.  I would say a shower can save you especially on days after a bad night sleep.  If you can’t make time for a shower just wash your face – it helps!  Sleep when the baby sleeps for your first little one.  It does not matter if the dishes, laundry or anything else is done.  It is an adjustment and getting as much sleep as the baby allows should be a priority.  While breast is best a mommy who is not hanging by a thread because she is desperately trying to nurse is better.  My last piece of advice is let your husband, mom, friends, whoever is in your circle help and help as much as they are willing.  Ask for that help too because sometimes people don’t want to step on your toes. As new moms we feel like we are the Momma and must take on the load of it.  Let the ones around you who love you HELP!